The Campaign

Wonder Of Arts wants to feature talented Artists from all over world, regardless their profession. It doesn’t matter if Painter, Singer, Poet, Dancer, Writer, Photographer or Artist of “Life”. We want to reach out for those, that want to leave their fingerprints in the people’s minds and hearts. Especially we want to inspire those, who want to get inspired! As well as we would love to help those who are suffering, need to find recovery and open people’s eyes and make them see, that our kids today need Arts in their educational life to grow, understand and find others ways of becoming that person, they are destined for!

What We Need

We are in need of: $5,000

This amount mentioned above will be used for:

– Original Website Development for the Online Magazine

– Web Hosting for a period of 5 years

– Promotional material like: Flyer, Brochures, Posters, Stickers, Buttons, T-Shirts

– Advertisement: Newspaper, Radio, TV, Online

– Online Research Team (Looking for Artists all over the world)

– Launching Event to introduce Wonder Of Arts – The Online Magazine to the Public (Benefit Concert)

– Introduction Teaser & Video Trailer for Promotion

Please visit and read more about the Wonder Of Arts – Campaign:

Thank you for your support!


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