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Welcome to Wonder Of Arts,

we are happy, that you are reading this, because it means you are interested in joining our Team.
At any time we want to extend and grow with Wonder Of Arts, that’s why we are looking for volunteers all around the world.

We always are in need of:

  •  Writers
  •  Bloggers
  •  Artists
  •  Directors
  •  Promoter
  •  Marketing Assistance
  •  Designers & Web Developer
  •  Photographers
  •  and every other volunteer, that wants to join and thinks, he can help us with Wonder Of Arts
  • If you are interested send your application to:

Your Application should include:

  •  Resume
  •  Contact, Name & valid E-mail Address and Phone Number
  •  2 high quality pictures of yourself
  •  1 Link to work you have already done
  •  Answer the question: Why do you think you are an asset for Wonder Of Arts?
  • (Note: We cannot consider incomplete applications!)

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to know you more and have you join our Team!