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Beyond Arts with Wesley „Iron Monk“ Howard

You rarely meet a person like Wesley Howard in your life. We all have ups and downs and sometimes we are tempted to take the wrong path. But some people realize, that it’s never too late to make a change. Exactly this happened to Wesley „Iron Monk“ Howard when he tried to find another destination and discovered his passion for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It helped him overcome his dark past, marked by drug abuse and criminal activities. This call of salvation saved him in many ways and now he is helping others and children to folllow their hearts and take the right direction. Wonder Of Arts – The Online Magazine is very proud to have a little conversation with Wesley „Iron Monk“ Howard.Welcome at Wonder Of Arts – The Online Magazine! We want to thank you for taking your time and have a little talk with us. But first let our readers know a little bit about yourself. Where do you come from and what‘s your profession?

I am Wesley „Iron Monk“ Howard a Mixed Martial Artist from Germany. I‘ve studied many different types of martial arts since the age of ten. But I started off with Karate and went to Kickboxing.

For how many years are you into “Arts” already?

I started off when I was ten years old but I stopped when I was fourteen years old. At the age of 24, ten years later, I thought it would be nice to start with Kung Fu but then I discovered my favorite martial art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve always been interested in Martial Arts, so I started to mix up everything by using the most efficient techniques that worked for me.

Tell us a little bit more detailed about Mixed Martial Arts, Wesley.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a mix of different fighting styles which has its own character nowadays. People noticed that fighting in only one style isn‘t effective in all situations. All fighting arts were invented to protect yourself and family and is normally meant only for self-defense. But people started to showcase their fighting skills in Combats (Tournament fights). That is the reason why it is also a very famous sport nowadays. But there‘s always a difference: Self-defense has no rules and is only for the streets, in dangerous situations. Fighting as a sport always has rules to protect the fighters, besides that there is a referee who‘s allowed to stop the fight at any time. As well as these fights take place in a ring or cage with two equal trained fighters in the same weight class. Some might see this as only brutal bouts (fights) between two bullies with no technique or whatsoever, but that’s just not it! Most fighters i know are highly educated, among them: Teachers, doctors or lawyers and they are very kind people. It is an extreme sport, for sure, that’s why you have to practice a lot to be prepared.

But I really have to say, if I hadn‘t found this sports I would‘ve never been that calm as I am now. It is one of the oldest sports ever.

 What is/was your most important project? 

I‘ve always loved combat and that’s why I started fighting in Mixed Martial Arts, where I can use all the different influences I know. My next big project will be my first professional fight! I train very very hard for this fight to be well prepared.Why do you want to do that professional fight?

A lot of people ask me this question and it’s kinda hard to answer why I am doing this. But I must say that I know for sure that I want to test my skills and want to find out if the way I am training MMA is right.

What do you feel during this process of preparation and awaiting your first professional  fight?

I feel like many artists when they finish their work. It is time for me to show what i have learned. I forget everything else! It doesn’t matter if i loose or win i know i gave my best and it helped me elevate in my steady progress.

Does it have any impact on personal life?

Oh, yes it has! Like I said before, it changed my life completely. I had many dark shadowed moments in my life and it helped me survive! When I didn’t do any MMA, I found myself in criminal activities and even taking drugs. I’m glad and thankful I found my path again and got rid of this negative attitude I had. I’ve changed 100% and now I am helping many kids to do the same.

Do you think it is important that children nowadays have any kind of arts they can relate to?

Oh, yes I do! I‘m a social worker in a local school and I work with kids that need support from guys that have experience in different aspects of ‚surviving‘ life. The kids thank me alot for this and I just love my job!

What can people expect from you in the future?

I will fight until I am 35 years old; I am 32 now. Then I will open a martial arts school for street kids, to give them a chance to change their lives or find another way in life. You know, life, for some poeple, is like a fight but you‘ll only loose if you give up!

Where can the people find you in the internet?

Feel free to visit my site: Wesley “Iron Monk” Howard on Facebook. Thank you.

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

Don‘t judge a book by its cover!

Thank you for your time with Wonders Of Arts and we hope to read, see and hear more about you and your work in the future. We wish you just the best and hope you can inspire more people out there in search of finding their wonders!

Thank you very much to Wonder of Arts! The greatest Online Magazine!

Thank you very much, Wesley.