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Hustle For Hannahis the latest benefit event of its kind presented by Butta-Flava Entertainment and the Pinoy HipHoppaz Organization in cooperation with the Pinoy Hip Hop and R&B Community and will take place on 27th November, 2011 in Manila, Philippines.

Hustle For Inigo (November 2010) and Hustle For Jazlyn (August 2011) were the first two events to help raising funds for Babies in need of a liver transplant. Both babies, Inigo and Jazlyn, are in Taiwan already to recover or awaiting the necessary surgery. Since those events have been very successful Butta-Flava Entertainment was convinced to organize one more Benefit Event for a Baby who suffers from Biliary Atresia.

This sickness occurs only in neonatal period and a liver transplant is the only way to cure those babies. The reason for ‘Biliary Atresia‘  is still unknown.

Presently Hannah’s family is still missing 1 Million Pesos to make this very expensive surgery for Hannah possible.

To succeed in this beneficial project various artists out of the philippine music industry will come together and help to raise funds (e.g. Pikaso, Chelo Aestrid, Jazze, Dough Boy and many more).

Through the fundraising ticket, which costs 200 Pesos and which is now available to purchase, the family of Hannah, the organizers, event partners and participating artists hope to raise enough funds to have Baby Hannah obtain her liver transplant.

If you want to attend this Benefit Event or read more about Baby Hannah please visit one of the following sites:

Hustle For Hannah

Help Save Hannah

Butta-Flava Entertainment (BFe)

Pinoy HipHoppaz Organization (PHH Org)

Pinoy Hip Hop and R&B Community

Other Partners for Hustle For Hannah are:







Artisikong Kabataan Philippines, Inc. aims to activate leadership with a heart among the youth, connect young people, to empower the youth of today in creating an impact on the society through a  universal language which is Art. The focal points that the group are as follows:

*Cultural and art appreciation
*Sustainable Development
*Peace and Human Rights education
*Artistry and World Values
*Social entrepreneurship

Artistikong Kabataan Philippines Inc. organizes and implements projects for the youth wherein they can find their common ground in building a better future. The following activities that this organization have been doing and is capable to do are:


*Charity Works
* Painting sessions
*Leadership workshops
*Cultural exchanges and sharings
* Personality development workshops
*Conferences and Seminars
*Partnerships with Organizations
*Mural paintings for Community and Public schools
*Peer counselling

Founded by Anna Karina Jardin in 2010, a 20 year old Filipina . She is one of the junior ambassadors for Mondialogo (Cultural Dialogue )given by UNESCO and Daimler Chrysler in 2006 in Rome, Italy. She is Noted for the “Peace Calendar” and the “Peace trees” project with the Asia America Initiative.She is an international and local speaker for youth empowerment , arts and development and an MDG advocate. She made use of her passion in twining the realms of artistry, dreams and leadership which has inspired many young people of today’s society. She has been noted for her artistic works and leadership by Manila Bulletin 2007,Philippine Star,2008, Women today magazine in 2009 and The New today in 2010.

Anna Karina Jardin

Artistikong Kabataan Foundation Philippines offers us 4C’s: CREATIVITY, CONNECTIONS,  CHARITY, CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS.

CREATIVITY– It shall enhance our thinking and squeeze our creative juices as we gradually have  more concepts in reaching our targets which are to SAVE LIVES, REDUCE CHILD MORTALITY,  ERADICATE EXTREME HUNGER AND POVERTY THROUGH EDUCATION, AWARENESS ABOUT  CULTURES AND THE ENVIRONMENT and A FULL APPRECIATION of the HUMAN RIGHTS.  Knowing that the best antidote to all forms of war is the arts.


CONNECTIONS- This is all about establishing connections and a well rounded career for us, young people. As it values CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS as well. This is open to all nationalities. Every month, the social work that we conduct in Philippines includes people of other races. We let them explore the side of the Philippines. If ever we gain a partner abroad, imagine how much joy and abundance we would be able to share with the less fortunate specially in third world countries.

CHARITY and COMMITMENT– Is the focal point of all of these effort and endeavor!!! This is a stress relieving activity as well, it makes happy hearts and minds and as well as happy faces.

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